Don’t surf the Internet as an Administrator!


Computer user accounts come generally in two types. Limited/Standard user accounts for day to day usage – (Word processing, email checking, Internet surfing). And Administrator accounts which enable you to do everything Limited/Standard accounts can do and more such as (Installing hardware/software, modifying system settings, etc). By default most computers setup the main user account that will be used for day to day computing as an administrator. However this is not good practice.


Malware which includes viruses take on the characteristics of the account they infect. In short if you become exposed to a computer virus as an administrator it like your account will now have the capability to install software and now modify changes. This is why computer professionals do not use admin accounts for simple computing needs. It is also why computers in office environments are setup with restricted accounts for staff to use. So in short only use the administrator account when needed and use a restricted account most of the time.


You can create a Limited/Standard account by simply navigating to the User Account tool in the Control Panel. Using this tool you can create a new administrator account and change your current account to a limited/standard user. Using a restricted account will cut down on many problems that you can encounter on the Web. Because your account can’t install software, viruses and other malware you come across can’t infect you as easily as they could if you were an administrator. If you have any questions or need help setting up a restricted user account feel free to contact ProtechMyPC.

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