Defragmented your PC lately?

Your files on your computer can become scattered (fragmented) slowing down your machine as it takes it longer to find those needed files. A disk defragment corrects this by gathering your files and placing them in sequential order (one by one). Sometimes this may be all that is needed to get your machine fast again. Why not a perform a disk defragment sometime this week?


You can perform a disk defragmentation by clicking on the start menu and navigating to the Programs folder and then from there the Accessories folder. From the Accessories folder navigate to the System Tools folder and it is in here you will find the Disk Defragment tool. Click on it and it will present you with two options you can also click on. One to Analyze your disk to see if you need a defragmentation and Two to perform a defragmentation. You may also notice that you have the option to choose more than one drive. The drive that you want to focus on however is drive C. Select this and if after the Analyze, it recommends a defragmentation click that option and start defragmenting.


Perform a disk defragmentation at least once a month. There is also a way to schedule these automatically. If you would like to learn how or have any other questions please feel free to contact.

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